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Can You Still Get Retro Sweets? Where?

your old fashioned sweetshop is now online

retro sweets in an old-fashioned sweetshop

What exactly are retro sweets?

For me, they are the sweets that I remember from when I was a child.  The sort of confectionery that you used to find at your local sweetshop (which has no doubt long since disappeared) and which you don’t find in modern supermarkets.

The traditional, old-fashioned confectionary like gobstoppers, kola kubes and flying saucers.

Can you still buy sweets like these?

Well the good news is that while most of the of the old fashioned sweetshops have disappeared, you can still enjoy your favourites online.

My favourite online shop for retro sweets is A Quarter Of – there have around 650 old favourites there.


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